iAbrasive Updates on May 16th, 2014

New “Products” main page, details as following:
1. Products by Product Name Index: from A to Z, alphabetically displaying product name, category and company name with links.
2. Products by Category: in 16 main categories and hot key words of each category.
3. Recommended For You | Hot Products: banner ads for Gold Members and Verified Members, highlighted showing their company logos and products.

iAbrasive Provides Company Staff with a Four-day Training: We Have Been Working Hard!

There’s an old saying in China that it’s never too old to learn. The truth also applies for the growth of a company. In order to enhance personnel competence and stimulate staff’s work enthusiasm, iAbrasive (http://www.iabrasive.com), a leading abrasive and diamond tools online trading marketplace, offers the company staff a four-day systematic training on May 5th, 2014, the contents of which cover the whole abrasives industry as well as the network marketing skills.

iAbrasive offers staff training

iAbrasive offers staff training

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iAbrasive Updates on May 7th, 2014

1. iAbrasive has added a new main page – “Abrasives Manufacturers” to the previous “Suppliers” page, users may search for their target manufacturers by product category.
2. Make adjustment to listing rank of “Abrasives Trading Company”, “Abrasives Distributor/Wholesaler”, “Abrasives Service Company”, by member types: Gold member > Verified member > Unverified member
3. Make the page title of supplier alphabetical index page correspondent with right page order, and major products are separated by comma.