Forward Integration–a Strategic Trend in Abrasives Industry

The internationally authoritative market research corporation—Transparent Market Research recently released a report on abrasives industry, stating that the value chain system has a tendency towards Forward Integration. With the rapid development of the Internet, online marketing has become a prevailing trend for traditional abrasives companies, who are seeking to expand distribution channels and upgrading marketing strategies to build their international brand.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Sent Representative to Attend the 115th Canton Fair

The 115th China import and export commodities fair, also called Canton fair, took place on April 15, 2014 in Guangzhou. Attending the fair as an editor, I, on behalf of iAbrasive, felt proud to have this opportunity to feel the charm of this trade show for the first time, which has long been considered as the most comprehensive trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale and the best credibility in China.

Editor of iAbrasive at the Canton Fair

Editor of iAbrasive at the Canton Fair

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Abrasives “Suppliers” for Quick Search

As a leading B2B trading platform concentrating on abrasives and diamond tools only, iAbrasive announces new updates of the website with an intent to facilitate the online searching.

To have a glance of the homepage, users are not hard to find out that five columns have been displayed at the top, including the newly-added “Suppliers”. Click on the word will lead you to a new page, which gives overseas buyers several choices about how to seek desired suppliers. Users are able to search from following four aspects:

Firstly, Searching by Name Index
For instance, if you are searching by the letter “A”, then you will see a page listed with all the companies whose name begin with the letter “A”. Besides, the company address as well as its main products will also be showed in details.

Secondly, Searching by Product Category
Almost every product involved in abrasives industry have been listed tidily under each sub-category, which is the most convenient way to seek your suppliers immediately.

Thirdly, Searching by Business Type
iAbrasive divides the suppliers into four categories according to their business types, i.e., manufacturers, trading company, distributor/wholesaler and service company. Users can decide as they like.

Fourthly, Searching by Recommendations
At the bottom of the page, company logo and product image may have catched your attention. These are vitrified members of iAbrasive with high recognition. We recommend these excellent companies or products for your first consideration as long as you trust us!

iAbrasive Updates on April 22nd, 2014

Increase the “Suppliers” main page, details as following:
1. Suppliers by Name Index: from A to Z, alphabetically displaying suppliers’ company name (with online-store link), country, and main products.
2. Suppliers by Product Category: index of suppliers list in 16 main categories and hot key words of each category.
3. Suppliers by Business Type: Index of suppliers list in different business types, eg.: abrasives manufacturer, abrasives trading company, abrasives distributor/wholesaler and abrasives service company.
4. Recommended For You | Hot Products: banner ads for Gold Members and Verified Members, highlighted showing their company logos and products.

iAbrasive Chinese Version Updates on April 15, 2014

1. Gold Member Introduction Page: increase successful cases of Gold Members and customers testimonials; Alter the tags of three solution versions into page switching; Click solutions to enter the default Marketing Version of Gold Member.
2. Repair the displaying bug of “Sign in |Join free| English” in right top corner of Header.
3. Change the Gold Member service links at the bottom Footer into online store, marketing, and collocation versions.

Content Marketing Strategy for Abrasives Foreign Trade

In the previous article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two), we talked about articles releasing and some free channels, arousing the interest of many readers. During our research into abrasives foreign trade SEO, content marketing is indeed the most reliable way that is not prone to face large amount of traffic fluctuation caused by search engine algorithm updates.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on April 11, 2014

1. Simplify Verification Process: Users now can send Enterprise Business License along with Letter of Authorization (template available for downloading) with official seal, directly to mailbox No longer need to upload and submit.
2. Fix issues of free member information not show up on Products Category Listing Pages.
3. Replace the track and statistics code of Google Analytics on all pages, to enhance analyses of all traffics in both Chinese and English websites.
4. Fix issues of the title & detailed description of Buying Request without line breaks in site.
5. Increase shortcuts tab to English version on the upper right corner of Chinese website Header.
6. Increase related links listing for Gold Member services on Chinese website Footer.
7. Fix bug of Logo link in My iAbrasive Buyer Version.

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – Not for Free

From the previous chapters Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I) & (Part II), abrasives suppliers ought to know what can be done with clear direction and what is forbidden. Seen from the articles, we can know that Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO is not for free, we should pay for it. The cost here does not refer to the service fee for outsourcing. Even if your website does not need any external service and don’t buy any software, you do all the work by yourself, there may still be costs, which sometimes might be high.  Continue reading

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO: Up or Out

Having read through the previous article, abrasives companies may have gained some understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of the methods to improve corporation or product popularity via SEO. In this article, we will explain to you the major causes of ranking and dropdown of traffic in details, which should be paid attention to by abrasives foreign trade SEOers.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on April 4,2014

1. Adjust the rules of Products and Suppliers ranking. The sequential order is as follows: Gold Member > Verified Member > Unverified Member.

2. A Gold Member is listed with a privilege member icon in searching list, products and suppliers list.

3. Small adjustments to News column, such as: Incorrectness of article publishing date; the previous and next article is displayed in separate columns; mouse hover effect added to articles that have been read; the order of articles is not in accordance with updated time; the sharing button of social network sometimes invisible, etc.

4. We spare advertising space for iAbrasive gold members on the right side of the featured columns for abrasives, bonded abrasive products, coated abrasives, superhard abrasives and diamond tools.

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