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Nothing is better than a friendly badminton match coming after a long time office work. On December 28, 2013, sun finally comes out of the heavy fog in Zhengzhou. Sky’s blue; cloud’s white; air’s fresh; all indicating something exciting is going on. It is a day to remember cause iAbrasive’s first friendly badminton match is to take place here. Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Dec.21,2013

1. Newly add “Refresh” function for our iAbrasive.com members to help them update their products much faster and quickly increase the indexed volume of their products by search engines.
2. Delete the procedure of “Email Verification” to help the newly regsitered members quickly become the suppliers on iAbrasive.com. That is to say, those newly registered members only need complete the information of Acount Overview including “where are you?”,”I am a ..”,”Email”,”Creat Password” “Re-enter Password”, and the Contact Information including “Name”,”Company Name”,”Tel”.
3. Newly add the special subsection pages for “Diamond Tools” to offer much more professional industry knowledge and terminologies related with diamond tools for global diamond tools suppliers and buyers’ reference.

iAbrasive Updates on Dec.13

1. Two special subsections are added: Coated Abrasives, Super Abrasives, which help offer professional explanation of coated abrasives and super abrasives terminologies for abrasives foreign traders. Additionally, by adding these professional explanations, we iAbrasive.com also hope to help global abrasives purchasers find their desired products better and faster.
2. This time, we iAbrasive.com change the telephone message verification channel to help Chinese suppliers get the telephone message verification faster and save their time for registration.

SEO for Abrasives Foreign Trade Brand Building

By reading the former article Posting Articles for Abrasives Foreign Trade Marketing, those who have their own foreign trade website may have got to know how to choose the proper channels to promote their products and how to choose the proper articles to attract their targeted customers. All of these come to one point that is how to make their own online product brands rank higher than that of their competitors, which can help bring much more orders for them. In fact, on most occasions, the goal of SEO is to bring search flow volume and direct sales of the products. Meanwhile, SEO also can contribute to the enterprise product brand building to some extent. This article is going to introduce the relationship between abrasives foreign trade products brands.  Continue reading