iAbrasive Updates on Nov.30, 2013

1. In the section of iBrand, there are new and detailed web pages added for applying for iBrand service.

2. The adjustments for buyers status including Online & Offline, Login & Registered;

3. On the top of iAbrasive Chinese homepage, there are links and programs added for Login and Register;

4. Some of the webpages are changed to be open on new windows.

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two)

This article continues with the former article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO(One). This article is mainly about building back links by posting articles, submitting website address and analyzing the search engines. As for the benefits of these methods, we will introduce in the following articles.  Continue reading

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (One)

By reading the former two articles, you may have known the basic conception and the importance of the back links building and got to know the features the good back links. Then, in the this article, it will introduce how to build good back links and help your websites win “high vote”.
There are quite a few methods to build back links. If you type the keywords such as “back links building” in the blanks of Baidu or Google, you will get a lot of related results as well as different kinds of methods introduced by many talents. However, you had better be careful with these methods, because the methods of back links building are different for different abrasives foreign trade websites. For example, abrasives foreign trade websites are ones for industries, so they should not promote their products or brands on the websites such as travel and food. This article can not help solve all the problems for back links building, although, we iAbrasive can offer you the more detailed methods for your reference.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Opens Up the We-Chat Platform to Share Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO

Focus on iAbrasive.com to learn abrasives foreign trade marketing knowledge. Those enterprises who are related with the products such as abrasive grains, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, buffing and polishing, superhard materials, diamond tools, wire brushes, carbide burrs, blasting and peening, mass finishing, machines and power tools, safety products, abrasive accessories, abrasives manufacturing and so on.

For the “WeChat” users, there are two ways to follow iAbrasive: one is to search “iabrasive” in the subscription number of contact list; while the other is to scan the QR code in the photo attached.

iAbrasive.con wechat

iAbrasive Updates on Nov.11, 2013

A Newly-brand Chinese Website of iAbrasive.com is Launched

1). The newly-brand Chinese website homepage: iAbrasive re-adjusts all the pages and highlights the important contents to meet with the users’ demands.

2).The newly added “Basic Service” is free of charge forever, consisting of the services for Free Member and Verified Member. Once getting verified, the Free Members can get access to “Buyer DB” freely.

3). “Buyer Database” originates from the iAbrasive.com English website and is readjusted for the convenience of Chinese suppliers.

4). “iBrand” is the paid service to help the global abrasives enterprises to become the leading one in the field. iBrand consists of five English articles which will be edited by the iAbrasive professional editors and post to PRWeb, a special sponsored advertisement for one year and a commendable advertisement on the iAbrasive homepage for a month.

5). “iAssistant” consists of Help Center, iAbrasive Class and About iAbrasive. It helps to make the Chinese suppliers better learn and use the functions of iAbrasive, learn the abrasives internet marketing knowledge, and operate their own online store to win more orders.

iAbrasive Updates on Oct.25, 2013

1.The second sub-section for Superhard Materials is launched.

Consisting of four parts: Overview, Information, Chart, and Glossary

1). Overview: Common superhard materials categories and the corresponding product lists, brief introduction, specification for quick refining search. By clicking “Learn More” to check more related details for superhard materials; by clicking “More Specification” to get access to the pages of complete forms for refining search . Each page consists of the explanation for each product form.

2). Information: Display the basic knowledge and the business information of superhard materials in the form of list.

3). Chart: Tables for superhard materials such as particle size distribution, particle comparison, national grading system and so on.

4). Glossary: The terminology and explanation for superhard materials

2. Some adjustments for details of the whole website.