Back Links Building for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (2)

After having got to know the basic conception and existence meaning of back links, abrasives foreign traders are eager to know how to build back links. It is an actual problem. Roman is not built in a day. The more you know, the easier for you to build back links. This article is mainly about the features of good back links, which is the basic before you start taking actions.  Continue reading

Back Links Building for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (1)

In the former article English SEO for Abrasives Foreign Trade, we got to know the optimization for online abrasives store consists of both internal and external optimization. The external optimization here refers to back links building. The basic conception and its existence meaning will be introduced here.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Oct.11st, 2013

1. The first special purchasing sub-section “Abrasive Grains”  is launched.
Consisting of four columns – Overview, Information, Chart, and Glossary.
1) Overview: Abrasive grains categories and corresponding products list, introduction, specification refining for quick search.
2) Information: Articles for abrasive grains 101 and industry information.
3) Chart: Tables for abrasive grains such as particle size distribution, comparison chart and national classification standards, etc.
4) Glossary: Related terminology and definitions of abrasive grains.
2. On homepage, second menus containing popular keywords for the main categories are added.