iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 28th, 2013

1. Migrate server: iAbrasive.com server is migrated from AWS Western United States (Oregon) to RAK. RAK is a server room located in US, recognized for its ability to provide the quickest access speed between US and China. Worldwide accessing speed is well guarantied for iAbrasive.com; meanwhile, the intermittent instability causing for Chinese users is also completely solved.
2. Enhance CDN distributed server network. Chinese users will enjoy a faster accessing speed, meanwhile keep stability.
3. Optimize landing page of online store, for the purpose of investing on Google Adwords. Much easier now for worldwide abrasives buyers sending enquires to suppliers registered on iAbrasive.com.

“My iAbrasive” Dashboard in English & Chinese Version

In the former articles Self-build Abrasives Online Store Tutorial, Post Your 1st Abrasive Product Professionally, and Quick Post and Manage More Abrasives & Abrasive Products, We have got to know how to build an online store, post and manage products on iAbrasive.com. However, there are still quite a lot of Chinese users submitting feedbacks for the inconvenience because of their poor English, and we are very grateful to their kind feedbacks. It is especially inconvenient for those who are not even familiar with alibaba such kind of trade platform. It takes them a lot of time to get to know the English dashboard.

From now on, those Chinese newbies in the field of abrasives and abrasive products will not be annoyed by this problem any more, because “My iAbrasive” (dashboard) Chinese Version has been launched since August 26th, 2013.

Author: Ray Shi
Copyright: iAbrasive Official Blog – Abrasives Online Marketing

iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 24th, 2013

“Contact Supplier” to Send Enquiries
1. “Contact Supplier” is much easier now for buyers without login.
2. Meanwhile, buyers can also attach files when sending enquiries.
3. On enquiry success page, non-member can quickly create his free account, simply by creating password.
4. Meanwhile, suppliers will receive email reminder automatically sent by system.

“My iAbrasive” in English & Chinese Version
1. Automatically in English or Chinese version according to login IP and country,
2. Logged-in users can also click “English” or “中文” to switch.

“Messages” Centre of “My iAbrasive”
1. Enquiries coming from non-members can also be saved in your Inbox of “Messages” Centre, for you to view and reply.
2. If the enquiries are from registered members, the sender name is linked with his online store URL, convenient for you clicking for details.
3. Once you reply successfully, the recipient (no matter member or non-member) will receive email reminder automatically sent by system.
4. In the email reminder, the recipient can see your detailed response, contact info, company name linked with your online store URL.
5. Meanwhile, all sent messages are saved in your Sent Box of “Messages” Centre.

1. Fix footer bugs in some pages.
2. Optimized H1 of suppliers listing page.
3. Fix some word errors.
4. Update notice in “My iAbrasive”.
5. Add “The 1st International Forum of Belt Grinding Technology and Equipment” banner on homepage.

Surely to be iAbrasive Verified Members

iAbrasive.com Verified Members are the real and authentic suppliers who have been got approval by submitting valid business license and applicant authorized letter. If we say company profile is the basic information to get your online store, posting products is the basic condition to get exposure, then to be a Verified Member is the crucial jetton to get clicks. It is basic and necessary to get verified for those regular and legitimate abrasives suppliers.  Continue reading

Quick Post and Manage More Abrasives & Abrasive Products

According to the former article Post Your 1st Abrasive Product Professionally, you may have already posted a product. However, it is far more enough to meet your demands. What you need is an online foreign trade store which can bring you clicks and inquiries.

Let’s have a look at a good example. Foshan Senta Abrasives Co., Ltd joined iAbrasive.com as the supplier for free on July 15th, 2013, then applied to be verified supplier on July 17th. Till Aug. 12th, the total number of its indexed URLs on google.com has reached to 235 (shown below), which is far more than that of many other enterprise websites.  Continue reading

Self-build Abrasives Online Store Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will self-build an abrasives online store which is the most basic step for abrasives foreign trading.

Coming up in this series, there will be more tutorials walk you through displaying professional abrasives & abrasive products, optimizing your online store, applying and binding for your own domain name, building backlinks, releasing news, building landing page, selecting and paying for Google Adwords, watching traffic flow, etc. We are sure that “enterprise website + professional online store + backlinks building + high conversion landing page” will bring you unexpected results.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 5th, 2013

1. Add “alt” for all images.
2. Footer is increased into 3 versions: for homepage and listing page, for online store and details page of Suppliers DB/ Buyers DB, and for My iAbrasive separately.
3. Add “nofollow” for the links of sign in, sign up and all related pages.
4. Suppliers DB: beautify listing page and details page, fix display compatibility in different browsers.
5. Buyers DB: beautify listing page, fix tiny text misplace in banner.
6. My iAbrasive: update notice, add blog link of Abrasives Online Marketing, increase characters limit for product details field on post new product page, fix the misplace of close icon in prompt box, add quantity for buying requests under different status.
7. Optimize H1 for listing pages of Products, Suppliers, Suppliers DB and Buyers DB.
8. Add 404 error page.
9. Increase the auto play time interval for 3 banners on homepage.
10. Add Google Analytics code into Chinese page.
11. Fix the mismatch between pull-down menu and Suppliers tab in suppliers searching page.
12. Update the link under iAbrasive in the News.
13. Update and correct tiny word errors.

Ready to Buy Abrasives Customs Database? Not in a Hurry!

With the fierce competition, abrasives enterprises are struggling to survive. They also try to find some efficient ways to win in it. In order to get more inquiries, some abrasives enterprises choose to buy Customs Database which is known for its “Accuracy”, “Authority” and “Comprehensiveness”. Are you sure to buy Customs Database? Not in a hurry. We iAbrasive.com also have bought the Customs Database. Here, we would like to share our experiences for your reference.  Continue reading