09. Category & Attribute of Wire Brushes on iAbrasive.com

On iAbrasive.com, Wire Brush is the general term for metal wire abrasives, including not only steel wire brush but also brass wire brush, steel wire wheel, brass wire wheel, iron wire wheel, scratch brush, steel wool, bristle brushes & discs, tube brush, etc. On iAbrasive.com, the detail explanation for the category & attribute of Wire Brushes is as following.  Continue reading

08. Category & Attribute of Diamond Tools in iAbrasive.com

Diamond tools are a kind of functional tools made of bonding agent and diamond grains (usually synthetic diamond) or cBN, with different forms, structures and sizes. According to different functions, diamond tools are divided into diamond abrasive tools, diamond saw blades, diamond wire, diamond cutting tools, diamond drill bits, diamond dressing tools, diamond wire drawing dies, etc. In the former article Category & Attribute of Super Abrasives in iAbrsaive.com, Super Abrasives, also known as diamond abrasive tools, are separated as a single category by iAbrasive.com, and the rest are put here in Diamond Tools category.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on April 26th, 2013

1. Resolve the loading and displaying problem of filled area code number;
2. Function of inserting/editing table is newly added for product detailed description;
3. Chinese users are automatically showed with Chinese language in sign up page;
4. Products details with attributes and specifications are newly showed up in product page of online store;
5. Fix the misplacing problem of top words in suppliers’ online store page.

07. Category & Attribute of Super Abrasives in iAbrasive.com

In abrasives industry, it is conventionally thought that if the products are made of superhard materials, they are all known as super abrasive products, including abrasive tools, cutting tools, drilling tools, dressing tools, wire drawing dies, etc. In iAbrasive.com, super abrasives products are divided into two parts: Super Abrasives and Diamond Tools, the former emphasizing abrasives while the latter emphasizing tools. In iAbrasive.com, “超硬磨料” in Chinese is translated as “Superabrasive”, and “超硬磨具” as “Super Abrasives”. This article is mainly about the category & attribute of Super Abrasives.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on April 18th, 2013

Change Required ID Card into Letter of Authorization for Verified Membership Application
1. On Real Name Verification page, required ID Card is changed into Letter of Authorization, with template to download conveniently (smart match with Chinese or English version based on registered country), users can fill in and affix with company seal, then upload;
2. On Real Name Verification page, Sample viewing of Business License and Letter of Authorization is newly added (smart match with Chinese or English version based on registered country);
3. Update “Get Verified” guide page;
4. Update “Verified Membership” introduction page;
5. Optimize verification result email notification for Chinese users.

1. On Sign Up page for Chinese users, Area code is changed into required field;
2. On Sign Up page and related pages in My iAbrasive, e.g. number is newly added for “tel” and “fax” fields;
3. On Real Name Verification page, the field of “Chinese Name” is restricted not to appear for users outside China.

06. Category & Attribute of Superhard Materials in iAbrasive.com

According to Wikipedia, superhard material is a material with a hardness exceeding 40GPa. In the field of abrasives industry, diamond and cBN are widely used currently. Diamond includes Natural Diamond and Synthetic Diamond, while cBN can only be synthetic. Synthetic diamond is the hardest material in manufacturing industry and has been widely used in metallurgy, oil drilling, construction and machinery industry. As for the question of whether PCD and cBN belong to materials or products, iAbrasive.com puts them in the category of material.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on April 12th, 2013

English Version
1.”Verified Membership” and “iAbrasive in the News” are newly added on Homepage;
2. “Get Verified” link is newly added on email verification success page;
3. Fix the bug of email verification link.

Chinese Version
1. “Verified Membership” and “iAbrasive in the News” are newly added on Homepage;
2. “Verified Membership” introduction page is newly added;
3. “Get Verified” guide page is newly added;
4. Verification result notification mail is added;
5. Improve page layout for mobile verification and changing, adjust “Back” link of success page.

iAbrasive Updates on April 6th, 2013

In addition to current free membership, Verified Membership is newly launched!

1. “Verified Membership” introduction page is newly added, for users to know what verified membership is and how.
2. “Get Verified” function is online. Open for all registered users to be a verified member FREE, simply submit business license and personal ID after confirming registered email.
3. Verified Member badge & “Verified Information” page are newly added on Verified Member’ Online Store.
4. Once got verified, it is prohibited to change verified information such as Company Name, Name, Country/ Region and Tel. freely.

05. Category & Attribute of Buffing & Polishing in iAbrasive.com

In iAbrasive.comBuffing & Polishing refers to the abrasive products made of cotton, sisal and feather, working together with buffing compounds to buff and polish the work piece.  Continue reading

04. Category & Attribute of Non-Woven Abrasives in iAbrasive.com

Non-Woven Abrasives are a kind of flexible abrasives with three-dimensional structure and high elasticity, made by non-woven textile backing, abrasive grains and bonding agent. The most commonly used abrasive grains are aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Different abrasive grains and grits can make different types of products with various shapes, dimensions and applications. In many countries, Non-woven Abrasives is a separate category; in China, non-woven abrasives also have made great success during the last 10 years.  Continue reading