03. Category & Attribute of Coated Abrasives in iAbrasive.com

Abrasives and abrasive products are known as the “Industrial Teeth”, and among them, the coated abrasives are regarded as the “Industrial Beautician”. In China, according to most professional magazines and textbooks, “Coated Abrasives” is defined as buffing and blasting tools made by abrasive grains and flexible backings such as cloth, paper, non-woven, etc. by adhesives, in roll, sheet, belt, disc and irregular types. It also includes buffing products made of cotton, sisal and feather, as well as abrasive compounds in solid or liquid. There are different voices about whether non-woven abrasives and buffing & polishing products should be included in the category of coated abrasives. The global giant in the field of abrasives industry– Northern makes different classifications for Europe and America markets. For example, for Europe market, coated abrasives and non-woven abrasives are in the same category; while for American market, they are divided. By referring to many other products manuals and websites of the famous enterprises, iAbrasive.com is for Northern’s classification for American market.  Continue reading

02. Category & Attribute of Bonded Abrasives in iAbrasive.com

Bonded Abrasives are a kind of tools that are made by abrasive grains and bonding agent, with a certain shape and grinding ability. Usually, according to different abrasive grains, they are divided into ordinary bonded abrasives which are made by conventional abrasives (Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide) and superhard bonded abrasives which are made by superhard abrasives (Diamond, cBN); or, according to different bonding agent, they are divided into vitrified bond, resin bond, rubber bond, metal bond, etc. Based on actual situation, in iAbrasive.com, they are included in the category of Bonded Abrasives, made by conventional abrasive grains, and there is no metal bond type to choose from. Suparhard bonded abrasives are included in another independent main category of iAbrasive.com, namely Super AbrasivesContinue reading

01. Category & Attribute of Abrasive Grains in iAbrasive.com

Abrasive grains function as media in the process of grinding, lapping and buffing, and they are manufactured into certain grits to cut the extra materials of certain products. In iAbrasive.com, there are 18 main categories totally, and four of them are related to it: Abrasive Grains, Superhard Materials, Sand Blasters & Media, Mass Finishing & Media,  Buffing & PolishingContinue reading

iAbrasive Updates on March 16th, 2013


  1. “New User Guide” page is newly added on Chinese homepage, help Chinese suppliers getting started easily;
  2.  ”Update Log” links are newly added on both English and Chinese homepages, help users focusing on iAbrasive.com update anytime;
  3. Integrate “Connect with Us” in Chinese homepage, with newly added Sina Microblog link.

Fix Browser Compatibility Problems

  1. Fix the problem of not being able to input tel, fax and mobile in Firefox browser;
  2. Fix the problem of not being able to upload multiple product photos in some browsers;
  3. Fix several display errors found in IE 6.0 browser;
  4. Fix the problem of not being able to select Province/State/County in some browsers;
  5. Fix the problem of code displaying in product detailed description in some browsers.

iAbrasive Opened 400 Line and Enterprise QQ

iAbrasive.com — an international abrasives trade e-marketplace, has opened 400 line for phone support, and enterprise edition QQ for chat support.

All manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, trading companies, etc. all related businessmen, who are conducting international trade on products such as abrasive grains, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, superhard materials, super abrasives, diamond tools, buffing & polishing products, wire brushes, mass finishing media, abrasive machines & power tools… are welcome to give us a call or for QQ chatting.

Enterprise QQ: 4000086331
Tel: (+86) 400-0086-331

Support Email: support@iabrasive.com

Overall Access to iAbrasive.com will Open in May

iAbrasive.com — International Abrasives Trade E-marketplace! Membership recruitment for the first batch is now open to all abrasives and abrasive products manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, etc. All related products such as abrasive grains, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, superhard materials, super abrasives, diamond tools, buffing & polishing products, wire brushes, mass finishing media, abrasive machines & power tools… are available to display after registering as a Supplier.

In May, 2013, overall accessing to iAbrasive.com will open. The first 10 Free Verified Members and their main products will show on iAbrasive.com homepage, lasting for totally one month. If you are, if you don’t want to miss the chance, why not join now? Join FREE Now Here: http://www.iabrasive.com/signup

Tel: (+86) 400-0086-331, (+86)-371-86167220
Email: support@iabrasive.com

iAbrasive Updates on March 6th, 2013

1. Optimize Sign-Up Procedure

  • On Chinese and English homepages, “Join Free” link is adjusted to open in current page
  • On Chinese Sign-Up page, change “Company Name” into “Company English Name”
  • On Chinese homepage, “Enter into My iAbrasive” link is newly added
  • On registration success page, smart-matching with different optional next-step guidance with links: “Complete my company profile now” link is newly added for Supplier; “Complete my profile now”, “Post buying request now” and “Join into Buyers DB now” links are newly added for Buyer.
  • On email confirmation success page, above same next-step links and “Back to My iAbrasive” link all are smart-matching with Supplier or Buyer.

2. Member Center – “My iAbrasive”

  • On “My iAbrasive” page, enterprise edition QQ and toll-free line 400-0086-331 are newly added for iAbrasive Service Support
  • On the top of “My iAbrasive” page, “Messages” link is adjusted to open in current page
  • On all pages of member center, the displaying of “Submit Feedback” is adjusted as button style, more visible and user-friendly
  • On “Company Profile” and “My Profile” pages, lift restriction for changing Company Name, Tel., etc.
  • On “Post New Product” page, fix bugs for error prompting when repeated company name appears
  • On “Post New Product” page, fix problems when filling in the second and third keywords
  • On “Account Setting” page, cancel MSN filling-in field

3. Online Store Page for Suppliers –My Store”

  • Not found page is newly added with reasonable solutions guidance
  • On individual product details displaying page, correct the error link for sharing to Facebook and Twitter

iAbrasive Updates on Feb.6th, 2013

Member center – “My iAbrasive” is improved; “My Store”, “HelpCenter” and “User Service Manual” pages are newly added. Details of which are as following:

1. Member Center – “My iAbrasive”

  • On “My iAbrasive” page, the showing place of “Feedback” is adjusted, and “iAbrasive News” is newly added.
  • In “Feedback” center, the icons and listing style of ”Open”/”Closed” are adjusted.
  • The width of ”Posting Buying Request” page is adjusted.
  • “My Store” is shown on “My iAbrasive” page, link to company online store page.

2. Online Store Page for Suppliers – “My Store”

  • “My Store” pages with “Home”, “Products”, “Company Profile” and “Contacts” navigation bars are realized.
  • All-products listing page, as well as each product details displaying page are realized.
  • Products on “My Store” can be shared through Facebook and Twitter
  • Users can contact suppliers directly by sending inquires on its online store page; Also can add company or product to “My Favorites”.
  • Products listing can be classified automatically in different categories

3. Help Center

  • The introduction to all current aspects of iAbrasive.com is completed
  • Guidance on “How to Sell”, ”How to Buy” and ”FAQ” are finished
  • Functions and user guide for “My iAbrasive” are explained
  • Functions and user guide for “Account Setting” are explained

4. User Service Manual

Contents of “My iAbrasive” and “Account Setting” in Help Center are refined into “User Service Manual“, which is available for users to download or view online in PDF format.

5. Products Category and Attribute

  • The first level classification of products are further optimized and finally decided as 18 categories: Abrasive Grains, Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Non-Woven Abrasives, Buffing & Polishing, Superhard Materials, Super Abrasives, Diamond Tools, Wire Brushes, Carbide Burrs, Sand Blasters & Media, Mass Finishing & Media, Machines & Power Tools, Safety Products, Accessories, Abrasives Manufacturing, Business Service, Other Products.
  • 117 secondary and 76 third categories are finally confirmed.
  • The attributes for each final classified product are studied and realized in details. For example, for product with category Coated Abrasives >> Sanding Discs >> Fiber Discs, the attributes like diameter, abrasive grain, available grits, fastening type, product color, application, etc. are added.

iAbrasive.com Launched for Trail Operation on Feb.26th, 2013

Chinese and English promotion pages are finished and can be accessed over the internet, start for trail operation, details of which are as following:

  • Check all links in beta version, replace them as trail operation version links
  • English promotion page is realized, and is set as trail operation homepage temporarily
  • Chinese promotion page is realized
  • Users mail notification is newly added when users receive new inquires or quotations
  • Optimize users subscribe/unsubscribe function for iAbrasive mails
  • Optimize iAbrasive mail template and style
  • Amend minor errors in Help Center