iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 19, 2014

1. Repair off-the-shelf product still be shown in store;
2. Repair product bulk refresh problem;
3. Revise Gold Member store certificate text style and mistakes, add paging, page turning to album showcase; add backstage certificate editorial function; optimize certificate start & finish date manually fill-in operation and frontstage showing details;
4. Add five label ads change to English Homepage.

Mingzhu: Strengthen Maintenance in the Summer


In the summer, in order to keep the production line safe, Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical has strengthened the maintenance of its main and accessory equipment of brown fused alumina smelting to effectively ensure the production safety.

Smelting equipment is at high-risk in the heat. In the meantime, the rate of output is at its peak at this time also. This year Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical has placed importance on advancing safety awareness. Mingzhu has changed former normalized management and improved awareness of advanced care and maintenance. Now Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical regularly performs inspections to find potential risks of equipment; and has implemented equipment maintenance and a punishment joint system, which effectively promoted the overall prevention of risks.
As for special smelting equipment, the hidden defect, which cannot be found through “watching, touching, and listening” in the course of inspection, is monitored during operation. With regard to problems found in monitoring, Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical will carry out repair plans in a timely manner to eliminate hazards and ensure that all equipment is in the best possible working order.

Currently, all major and accessory devices are included in management and monitoring, and every production work is in order.

(Source: Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd      Writer: Chang Xiaona)

Sanmenxia Fused Alumina: Small Change, Big Achievement

Recently, Sanmenxia Fused Alumina Co., Ltd has adjusted quality control method to maximumly meet requirements of customer based on actual production and operation.

Lately, according to the quality demand of orders, Sanmenxia Fused Alumina Co., Ltd has allocated very few corundum blocks of the same level with different composition based on certain proportion. Through stirring and fully mixed, those corundum blocks will be processed again to satisfy customer’s quality requirements, and thus new costs of stirring are generated.

For the purpose of decreasing cost and increasing efficiency, Sanmenxia Fused Alumina Co.,Ltd has summarized experience and boldly attempted to change the former way of quality control. Firstly, Sanmenxia Fused Alumina has adopted more delicate classification for raw corundum block storage. Different levels of raw corundum blocks will be placed separately and marked effectively; secondly, Sanmenxia Fused Alumina Co., Ltd has changed to process suitable corundum block directly and separately based on clients’ demands. Only in some special cases will they choose different levels of raw materials to allocate and stirring. On the condition of satisfying clients’ requirements of quality, they have spared no effort to reduce the amount of stirring. After lots of trails, comparison, summaries and analyses, that method can not only meet quality demands of different customers, but also can reduce the costs produced by stirring.

At present, that quality control method has been implemented effectively in the production of corundum sand.

(Source: Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd   Writer: Hou Hongjuan
Editor: iAbrasive.com )
P.S. Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Co-invested with Japan OTC to establish the joint-venture–Sanmenxia Fused Alumina Co., Ltd.

iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 1st , 2014

1. Recommend 3 new Gold Members (Sanhui, Mingzhu, Yuxin) on Ad banners of homepage, abrasive grains speical page and news page;
2. Change support & SNS icons into online color in all page footers;
3. Remind Chinese users filling in company info in English;
4. Change “How can be here?” link on homepage Ads banner into English page;
5. Add Chinese page switching for “Gold Member” and “Verified Membership” pages;
6. Improve signing in, getting verified steps on Buyers page;
7. Update email verification reminder on member dashboard;
8. Adjust pop-up pattern on “Need Quotation” page;
9. Correct characters mistakes on some pages;
10. Revise displaying compatibility problems of some browsers;
11. Fix some bugs.

iAbrasive Updates on July 28th

1. Add “Product Showcase” and “Main Product” management to Gold Members backstage; Gold Members can tick directly when posting products;
2. Optimize picture inserting function when posting products and repair pattern typesetting problems;
3. Repair Buyers DB Breadcrumb Navigation local link problem;
4. Adjust different users backstage product posting upper limit quantity showcase;
5. Optimize guidance and handling of off line/on line and landed members of different type;
6. Revise homepage buying request top bug;
7. Revise some text mistakes.

iAbrasive Updates on June 20th, 2014

iAbrasive “News” column takes on a new look, lively pictures matching with article, aimed at easier reading.
1. Add headlines to “News” homepage, and each news category in a sub-column;
2. Add pictures to articles list on each category page;
3. Users are free to subscribe;
4. Add “Sponsored Links” ads space.

iAbrasive Updates on June 14th, 2014

System email notifications add following items:
1. Remind to be a Supplier member of iAbrasive.com
2. Company profile approved notification
3. Company profile failed notification
4. Remind to post more products and enrich company info
5. Remind to get verified
6. Gold Member services
Above emails are available for Chinese and English versions.

Amend error links or error contents of some special pages, such as Abrasive Grains, Superhard Materials, Super Abrasives, Coated Abrasives and Diamond Tools.

iAbrasive Updates on June 4th, 2014

Gold Member services page comes online! Abrasives suppliers now could upgrade directly by Paypal checking out, enjoying following premium privileges:

* Abrasives Self-Marketing Online Store
* Maximum Products & Company Exposure
* Featured on iAbrasive.com Homepage
* Exclusive Access to Abrasives Buyers
* Quote to Customized Buying Request
* Gain Buyers’ Trust Faster
* Display 500 Abrasives Products
* Manage Sub-Account
* Photo Album
* Company News
* Upload Certificates

An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

It is a profound belief that Shandong province of China is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius as well as the cradle of Confucianism. Chinese often believe that human characters are shaped by the land where they live and also the cultural background. From this sense, for thousands of years Confucianism has been influencing the cultivation of enterprise culture in Shandong and a majority of entrepreneurs hold the belief of running a business in an honest and fair manner.

An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

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