Leading Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Manufacturers

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen. It is the most common industrial mineral in modern manufacturing. In the industry, it can be made by sintering pure alpha alumina powder in a high temperature furnace. Aluminium oxide can withstand temperatures up to above 1800°. Therefore, aluminium oxide is the raw material that is used to make high-class refractory materials. Besides that, aluminium oxide is of a high hardness, right after diamond and silicon carbide, so it is a great material for making abrasives, cutting tools, grinding tools, etc. In a word, aluminium oxide is an indispensable industrial material in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, refractory materials industry, etc. Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Sept. 15th, 2014

1. Correct some page Title mistakes on member backstage;
2. Change the “Product”, “Company” and “Contact” in the “product” and “supplier” lists as well as the search results page to new pages;
3. Member backstage upload company logo, advised photo sizes are shown;
4. Members can choose to reveal their phone number or not;
5. Contact supplier name optimization;
6. Repair the magnifier effect bug on product details page;
7. Repair the form pattern problems on the product details page;
8. Gold Member Store’s company news and certificate navigation can be shown based on facts. If there is no content, the page will hide the navigation.
Author: Liwei Chu
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Free Registration Steps for Abrasives Buyers on iAbrasive.com

iAbrasive.com, as the foremost brand in global ecommerce services in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, has recently optimized some of its functions, including searching ranking rules, the display of Product Showcase in the Gold Member stores, the disorder problem of product trade information display style in the Gold Member stores, etc. The search ranking order is as follows: Gold Member > Verified Member > Unverified Member. (As shown in the following picture). Continue reading

Sanmenxia Mingzhu Abrasives–Brown Fused Alumina

 many kinds of brown fused alumina

The picture of brown fused alumina

Sanmenxia is located in the west of Henan province, Luoyang in the east, Nanyang in the south, and bordering Shanxi province in the west with convenient transportation. Mingzhu abrasives sell well both domestically and overseas because they comply with ISO quality system standards and maintain high-quality products all the time. Continue reading

Sanhui Abrasives New Product – Green Silicon Carbide Ultrafine Powder

Qinyang Sanhui Refractory Material Co.,Ltd. is located in the historic city of Qinyang, which is adjacent to ChangJi Highway and LianHuo Highway with convenient transportation. Since it was established in 2005, Sanhui has been committed to research and producing silicon carbide. The main products are silicon carbide section sand with high purity and high bulk density, silicon carbide powder manufactured in jet mill, black and green silicon carbide abrasive (coated abrasive, JIS abrasive, and bonded abrasive), and brown corundum dumping furnace lined with special carborundum brick. With strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect management system, strict detection measures, and perfect quality assurance system, products are sold both domestically and overseas and enjoy a good reputation. Continue reading

Effective Ways to Find High Quality Abrasives Manufacturers

iAbrasive.com is committed to becoming the foremost brand in global ecommerce services in the abrasives and abrasive products industry and has been working hard to provide better services for the abrasives suppliers and purchasers. iAbrasive.com has caught the attention of suppliers and purchasers both in China and abroad. In order to perfect our service further, iAbrasive.com has recently updated its search ranking rules, and the sequential order is as follows: Gold Member > Verified Member >Unverified Member (As shown in the following picture). Continue reading

Yuxin Abrasives-The Developer of Black Silicon Carbide


Henan Yuxin Abrasives Co., Ltd. was found in 1999. It is a professional manufacturer of black silicon carbide abrasive which collects smelting, granulation and micro powder processing together. It has two processing lines of  black silicon carbide and black silicon carbide powder with an annual output of 6000 tons of black silicon carbide and 1000 tons of black powder. Continue reading

Yuda Abrasives -Build the Quality Brand

flap disc automation machine

Above picture is flap disc automation machine.

As a maker of flap disc automation machines, Dongguan Yuda Abrasives Technology Co., Ltd.’s greatest desire is to attentively provide the most stable manufacturing platform for the customs. Therefore, rationalization of institution setting, selection of equipment material and effective management are the essential parts for stable of equipment quality. Continue reading

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