Plastic Media & Sisal Buff Buyers Looking for Suppliers

By recent follow-up on the abrasives buyers, has learned that the following buyers are looking for manufacturers of plastic media and sisal buff. If you can provide the product or you have relevant information about it, please contact with iAbrasive. The detailed purchasing information is as follows: Continue reading

Safety 101: Abrasive Wheel Grinder

straight grinding wheel

In metal working, grinding wheels are an essential tool for your cutting and grinding requirements. These power tools have been designed by grinding wheel manufacturers with the purpose and capacity to slice through just about anything. And hence, because of their precision, caution is a great concern that must be taken into account. Continue reading

Global Abrasive Demand to Rise 6.0% Annually through 2015

The Industry in Retrospect

abrasive product

All industrial abrasives are made of these grains of durable and hard minerals that are either in its pure form or synthetically produced for the production and maintenance of metals, glass, diamond works and wood. Broadly speaking, they fall in the category of coated and bonded abrasive products. Continue reading

Bringing in the Superabrasives

With the abrasives industry booming and abrasives’ demand projected to rise at 6.0% annually through 2015, the grinding wheel manufacturers brought in a technology that was bigger and better, promising exceptional performance, extraordinary stability, and other rewarding advantages. This technology is what we now refer to as superabrasives. Continue reading

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