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Abrasive Grains

As a kind of materials, abrasive grains can be distinguished in a variety of ways. They are classified as either natural or synthetic abrasives by manufacturing; either conventional or super abrasives by using history. Learn more

What Properties Does Silicon Carbide have?

Yuxin_silicon carbide

1. Silicon carbide fiber has a strong tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. Sic can bear high temperature in the air, while carbon fiber can only stand more than 400℃. It has favorable medicine-resistant property. When Sic is combined with metal to make compound materials, it does not need surface finishing while carbon fiber is not. Relative density of Sic is only 2.55. It is continuous filament that can be processed into fabric, woven bag, insulation paper, mooring rope, etc. Sic has a low thermal conductivity and a good electromagnetic wave permeability.

2. Sic stability is lower than diamond, CBN and several other substances. Its thermal conductivity is about twice that of silicon nitride; its thermal expansion coefficient is half of Al2O3; bending strength is close to that of silicon nitride material; but its fracture toughness property is weaker compared to that of silicon nitride. Sic does not dissolve in water and ordinary acid. It has a good chemical stability and chemical inertness. If contacts with melting base metal, Sic will decompose into carbonate and silicate. Sic has a superior high-temperature strength and high-temperature creep deformation property. Hot-press Sic material high-temperature bending strength under 1600℃ is almost the same as in room temperature.

3. Proper protection measures should be made. Sic maximum acceptable concentration is 10mg per cubic meter. Sic is pretty hard, its Moh’s hardness is 13. Because it dissolves while melting, its melting point is around 2200℃. High-purity single crystal is transparent, its crystalline structure features β-type in cubic system or α-type in trimetric system. Actually there are as many as 130 types with various shapes.



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