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Abrasive Grains

As a kind of materials, abrasive grains can be distinguished in a variety of ways. They are classified as either natural or synthetic abrasives by manufacturing; either conventional or super abrasives by using history. Learn more

China Corundum Companies Suffered Overstock


Recently, China corundum market is still in recession, corundum companies has been suffering from continuous overstock. Although corundum price hasn’t declined, many suppliers are obsessed by credit flow. Impacted by industry integration policy, a group of steel companies will be shut down in the following months. As a result, upstream corundum market may maintain down trend.

However, since iron ore price has decreased, major steel factories in China began to benefit in July and they are likely to purchase refractory materials recently. Besides, with electricity price being lowered down to 1min per kilowatt hour soon, major steel factories may have an increasing demad for refractory materials. Because a majority of existing steel factories in China are competitive, their purchasing goods are high-end products, it is predicted that superior corundum demand is to increase slightly, which is not able to turn back the current situation.



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