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Abrasives China--Shanghai

2014-09-20 01:15:49 UTC|

This article aims to help abrasives buyers gain a comprehensive understanding of the abrasives distribution in Shanghai, the metropolis in China. There are internationally renowned abrasives enterprises in Shanghai.

Business Opportunities of the Abrasives Industry in the China-South Korea Business Forum

2014-09-18 02:01:22 UTC|

iAbrasive has made an analysis on the potential business opportunities for the abrasives industry that lie in the China-South Korea Business Forum in such fields as car production, shipbuilding, and cellphones.

The Abrasive Industry's Various Application Fields (PartⅠ)

2014-09-16 01:58:06 UTC|

The abrasive industry has been an indispensable part in various application fields, such as the ferrous metallurgy industry, the auto parts industry, the bearing and gear processing industry, the tool processing industry, etc.

What Can Abrasives Companies Learn from Meizu MX4 Release Conference?

2014-09-10 01:33:02 UTC|

According to iAbrasive news, on Sept. 2, 2014, Meizu held the MX4 release conference, during which the manufacturing process of MX4 was introduced in detail.

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